Félix An

Félix An

"​An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."

About Me

Hi. I'm Félix An, and I am studying in Hangzhou at Zhejiang University, but I normally live in Toronto. I'm a person who makes videos sometimes. And music too. And even the occasional program to simplify my life on the computer. I'm also a train enthusiast. 

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Interesting Stuff

I updated my website for my computer science introduction course (计算机科学基础) at Zhejiang University. Scroll down to see many interesting things I have made for that course.

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Essay on Operating Systems

Here is an essay I have written on operating systems for university. Click the button below to download the Word file, plus an accompanying Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint slide deck.



No, I'm actually not very good at swimming, but here's a video clip of me swimming at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, courtesy of Hoseok, a student at U of T. (My best time is like 34 s or something like that for 50m free. I am jealous of everyone who swims competitively.)

My Photos

I have many photos on Instagram. Feel free to take a look through them.